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Frequently Asked Questions | OASIS


Why should I purchase a walk-in tub or shower?
Safety. Independence. Convenience. Comfort. A walk-in tub or shower features several therapeutic advantages, easy access and safety bars to prevent dangerous falls, and the freedom to bathe on your own.
A walk-in tub or shower improves your quality of your life. You deserve safety, independence, convenience and comfort in your bathing experience. You deserve a walk-in tub or shower.


How long does it take to fill the bath?
It only takes about 6-9 minutes to fill the Bathtub to a level where it is safe to use the hydro jets (1-2″ above the highest hydro jets) and about 8 minutes more to reach the overflow. The fill time will vary depending on the water pressure and plumbing set up available in your home. If you have well water and your pump and pressure tank are correctly adjusted you will be able to maximize the full potential of our fill fixtures. If you have city service the water pressure will depend on the distance between the water source and your home.


How long does it take to fill the drain?
It takes around 3 minutes depending on your homes plumbing


Do the walk-in tubs come in more than one size?
Yes. Designed for senior citizens, those suffering with disabilities and mobility impaired, we tailor our walk-in tubs to your specific needs. Based on your space requirements, plumbing & electrical specifications, hot water supply, accessories and other factors, we will recommend a walk-in tub that is appropriate for you.
To eliminate the need for any renovations, our walk-in tubs are available in different sizes . We also offer different options to cater to your bathroom space and local installation.


How does the installation process work?
Our customer service representatives will call you to arrange a time to fit your schedule. The installation process can be completed within 1-2 days. You can avoid any additional cost of remodeling, because we are a one-stop-shop helping make this process as simple and seamless as possible for you and your family.
We start by removing your existing tub and disposing of or recycling it. Certified and fully insured, our highly trained installers guarantee proper installation. Upon completion, we thoroughly clean everything from the install in your bathroom and home. All of our work is 100 percent guaranteed so that you can enjoy your improved bathing experience.


How many gallons of water does the tub hold?
Our standard sized walk in baths hold 70 – 80 gallons without an individual in the bathtub


Which water heater will provide me with the best bathing experience?
Making sure the water that fills your Ella Walk in Bathtub is adequately heated will provide the most rejuvenating experience.  We recommend using a 60+ gallon gas water heater due to the larger capacity and ability to regenerate much faster than electric units.  A separate (designated in-line electric tank less water) heater can be installed that will assist your primary water heater in keeping you warm and comfortable. These units are fairly inexpensive and provide a great solution if you cannot use a gas water heater or have limited capacity.


What can I do to stay warm as the bathtub is filling with water?
Oasis Walk in Bathtubs come equipped with two water diverters (one for the hand mixer and one for the spout) which allow you to enjoy the warm water from the pull out hand mixer as the spout is filling the tub. These diverters can be used independently or simultaneously.



Oasis Hydrotherapy Systems Ltd. specializes in walk-in bathtubs, ADA, handicapped, assisted living and residential acrylic fixtures. Our corporate head office is located in North America with manufacturing facilities in Asia. We design and manufacture luxurious high quality products with the best quality/features. .