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Features | OASIS
Air Bubbles w. Purge
The bubble champaign effect eliminates fatigue and relaxes the muscles. Air gives a softer hydrotherapy massage than water jets. Air jets automatically activate after each use to purge the jets of any remaining water.
Jacuzzi Water Jets w. Ozone
Whirlpool hydrotherapy brings about true physiological change in your body by engaging the pressure receptors located deeper in the muscle's tissue. This relieves tight and stressed muscles while promoting tissue rejuvenation and joint flexibility.
Heated Seat
At the press of a button you can activate the seat and back warmer to keep you warm while your bath is filling. Additionally, our dual valve allows you to use the hand shower & fill spout at the same time to further keep yourself warm while waiting.
For centuries, it's been known that color dramatically affects our health, energy level, and inner harmony. Chromatherapy is an alternative medicine practice that embraces the use of color to positively affect wellbeing.
What we smell can transport us to another time or place. Mountains, meadows, a tropical beach¡­ a memory of childhood¡­ or possibly romance. Scent takes us there, as it invigorates or soothes us, improves our mood and helps relieve stress.
Multimedia Display
Enjoy your favorite TV shows or listen to music while relaxing in the spa like environment of your walk-in bath.
Safety Features
Built-in and wall mounted grab bars. Anti-scald technology. Anti-slip tub floor and seat.Less than 6 inch step-up into tub. Heater for constant temperature. Quick release drain.
MicroBubbles in the Bath
MicroBubbles supersaturate the water with oxygen-so much so that the level of dissolved oxygen in the bath exceeds 13mg/L, which is up to 70% more than regular tap water. As these microbubbles enter the bath, they form a dense cloud that envelops the body. The cloud of bubbles takes about a minute and a half to form and will quickly dissolve at the end of the bathing cycle.



Oasis Hydrotherapy Systems Ltd. specializes in walk-in bathtubs, ADA, handicapped, assisted living and residential acrylic fixtures. Our corporate head office is located in North America with manufacturing facilities in Asia. We design and manufacture luxurious high quality products with the best quality/features. .