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Hoist Lift Transfer Bath | OASIS

The Oasis Hoist Lift Bath tub is a freestanding tub that allows the caregiver 360º
unobstructed access to the resident. The low threshold and wide side-entry
door allows easy access for residents with various degrees of mobility and
the built-in contoured seat allows the resident to sit comfortably and safely in
a slightly reclined position. For your dependent residents, the Oasis Hoist Lift Bath
is specifically designed for use with the Bath Chair Lift, which provides
seamless transfers from bed-to-bath in a comfortable and safe seated
position. The sleek exterior design will give your bathing area an upscale look.


Standard Features:  
¨ Thermostatic Mixing Valve with anti-scald protection that dispenses
15 gallons per minute for fast tub fill.
¨ Built-in Disinfection System that is the most time-efficient solution
for disinfection of the bath’s external surfaces and minimizes the risk of
¨ Handheld Shower Wand for hair and upper body washing, which
can be used at the same time the tub is filling.
¨ Lap and Shoulder Harness for resident safety.
¨ Secondary Door Lock to prevent accidental door opening when in
¨ 3/4” Supply Lines constructed of stainless steel mesh clad.

Technical Specifications:
Width: 33”
Length: 53.75”
Weight capacity (resident): 600 lbs. / 272.7 kg
Water capacity (occupied): 52 gallons / 196.8 L
Height (to top of console): 43” (lowest setting)
Height (to top of door): 36.5” (lowest setting)
Fill time: 3 minutes, 28 seconds
Drain time: 2 minute, 30 seconds
Adjustable leveling legs: 2” maximum
Water supply inlet: 3/4” diameter
Seat width (interior): 25”
Drain size: 1.5”
Seat height: 17” (lowest setting)
Electrical supply: 115V AC; 60Hz; 15 amp
Threshold height: 11” (lowest setting)
Door configuration: Outward swing, Right or Left Hinge
Transfer device access: 5” H X 44” W (lowest setting)


Oasis Hydrotherapy Systems Ltd. specializes in walk-in bathtubs, ADA, handicapped, assisted living and residential acrylic fixtures. Our corporate head office is located in North America with manufacturing facilities in Asia. We design and manufacture luxurious high quality products with the best quality/features. .