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Shower Kits | OASIS

48" x 37" Oasis Accessible Shower

Product Highlights:

  • Barrier Free Bathing in an Accessible Shower
  • 4-Piece, 48" x 37" Accessible Shower Stall
  • Shower Pan with 7/8" Easy Access Threshold
  • 30 Year Warranty


Product Overview

Our 48” by 37" barrier free showers are designed to replace an existing shower or fit into a smaller space in the bathroom. This four-piece Accessible Shower is ideal for remodeling projects where space is limited.
This unit features durable, luxurious and easy-to-clean gelcoat fiberglass with an 8” tile pattern, making it one of the highest-quality handicapped accessible shower stalls on the market. Full wood backing throughout the shower walls provides strength and easy installation of accessories.

True Barrier Free Bathing

With a low profile beveled 7/8” threshold easy access showers are safe and painless to get in and out of for seniors and individuals with mobility concerns. A curbless shower offers the safety you need for elderly and aging family members, without sacrificing style.


60" x 31" Oasis Accessible Showers

Product Highlights:

  • Handicapped Accessible Shower fits Standard Tub Space
  • 60" x 31" Barrier Free Free Shower Stall, Left Drain
  • Wood Wall Backing for Accessories Installation Anytime
  • Large Molded Soap Ledge

Product Overview

The 60" x 31" shower model fits in the same space as a standard 5’ bathtub. This five-piece barrier-free shower is perfect for remodeling a residential bathroom for accessibility.
This barrier-free shower stall features either a left or right hand drain location to match your existing plumbing. This feature makes installation incredibly simple and reduces the time spent in construction so that you can spend more time in your barrier-free shower. A center drain unit is also available.

Eliminate The Risk of Falling With Accessible Showers

Curbless showers are the ideal design for seniors and those living with mobility disabilities. By reducing the height of entry into the shower you reduce the risk of falling. These  Showers have a low 1” beveled threshold along with a reinforced and pre-leveled shower base. The walls have full wood backing to offer strength and easy installation of accessories, making the 60” x 31” Freedom Accessible Shower the premier product for remodeling.


61" x 61" Oasis Accessible Corner Shower

Product Highlights:

  • Handicapped Accessible Corner Shower
  • Large 61" x 61", 3-Piece Shower Stall
  • Barrier Free Double Entry Shower
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Product Overview

Our double entry three piece  Oasis Accessible Shower offers the largest usable space for bathing. The easy access corner shower works well to accommodate a bather in a wheelchair and an assisting caregiver if necessary. The corner access provides lots of room to get a reclining shower chair in and out easily.
Our corner handicapped accessible showers feature a center drain location and a low profile 1 ¼” beveled threshold, with a reinforced and pre-leveled shower base.

A 3-Piece Accessible Shower With Double Entry

The barrier free shower features durable, luxurious and easy to clean gelcoat fiberglass with an 8” tile pattern. Full plywood backing in walls offers strength and easy installation of accessories.


Oasis Hydrotherapy Systems Ltd. specializes in walk-in bathtubs, ADA, handicapped, assisted living and residential acrylic fixtures. Our corporate head office is located in North America with manufacturing facilities in Asia. We design and manufacture luxurious high quality products with the best quality/features. .